Governor Scott Signs 25 Bills Into Law

You may view the Governor’s press release here

Below is a sampling of the bills Governor Scott signed today:

SB 112         Absentee Voting – This bill replaces the term “absentee ballot” with the term “vote-by-mail ballot” in Florida Statutes.

SB 222         Parking for Disabled Veterans – This bill grants free parking at public airports to vehicles with a Disabled Veterans or a Paralyzed Veterans of America designation.

SB 310         National Statuary Hall – This bill relates to the National Statuary Hall Collection at the U.S. Capitol.

SB 494         Digital Assets – This bill designates access and control of an individual’s digital assets.

HB 43           Churches or Religious Organizations – This bill specifies that clergy are not required to perform marriages if in violation of sincerely held religious beliefs.

HB 103         Transactions in Fresh Produce Markets – This bill allows SNAP to be used to buy fresh food.

 HB 111         Jury Service – This bill allows individuals unable to perform jury duty for physical reasons to be permanently excluded upon request.


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