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Legal Updates

DEFECTIVE EARPLUGS A Florida federal jury ordered 3M Company to pay $7.1 million to military members who claimed their combat earplugs did not work. The plaintiffs claimed hearing loss during the trial.    RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA The Florida Supreme Court declared a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana “misleading,” effectively ending its chances of getting on the Read more about Legal Updates[…]

Education Bills that Passed

Voucher Expansion/Consolidation The Gardiner and McKay scholarship programs, which serve students with special needs, were merged with the Family Empowerment Scholarship program, which serves low- to middle-income families. It increases the maximum income eligibility to receive vouchers to 375 percent of the federal poverty level, meaning a family of four making nearly $100,000 a year Read more about Education Bills that Passed[…]

Bills that Failed

UNEMPLOYMENT The House refused to concur with the Senate’s proposal to raise the state’s unemployment benefit from $275 to $375 a week and to extend the eligibility period from 12 to 14 weeks. LOTTERY WINNERS This bill would have created a public record exemption for the name of a winner of a prize valued at Read more about Bills that Failed[…]

Bills that Failed

VACATION RENTALS For years, the Legislature has been working to restrict local governments’ regulation of vacation rentals and create a statewide registry and enforcement powers. Cities and counties have fought to retain their rights. Neither the House or the Senate passed the legislation. MEDICAL MARIJUANA POTENCY A bill that would have limited the potency (level of THC) Read more about Bills that Failed[…]