Issues of Interest

EVERGLADES RESTORATION PROJECTS The EAA Reservoir Project is a joint Everglades restoration effort between the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The SFWMD’s Governing Board unanimously approved an agreement which enables the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin work on the accompanying storage reservoir. The Old Tamiami Read more about Issues of Interest[…]

Bills that Passed

LICENSE PLATES An additional 10 new specialty license plates, including “Support Healthcare Heroes” and a Florida State Parks plate, were approved by the Legislature. There are currently 120 authorized plates with another 33 attempting to reach the 3,000 pre-orders within the allotted 24-month period. A cap of 150 was instituted last year.  K9 MEDICAL AID Passing Read more about Bills that Passed[…]

Bills that Passed

PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS This legislation says that parents have ultimate decision-making authority on issues of education, physical and mental health. Parents could more easily opt their kids out of medical procedures like vaccinations or educational courses that parents object to – like sex ed. CRAFT DISTILLERIES Florida’s craft distilleries finally leveled the playing field Read more about Bills that Passed[…]

Bills Signed by Governor DeSantis

ELECTIONS Although considerably watered down from the original bills, both chambers passed legislation which will restrict voting largely along party lines. Described by supporters as putting “guardrails” on Florida’s election process, the legislation restricts when ballot drop boxes can be used, who can collect and return the ballots and how many they may collect. The Read more about Bills Signed by Governor DeSantis[…]

Legislative Issues

POLICE REFORM Passing both chambers unanimously, this legislation requires police agencies to develop new policies around the use of force, including barring certain restraints, reporting of officers using excessive force and training aimed at de-escalating potentially violent situations. CONSTITUTION REVISION COMMISSION This joint resolution would abolish the Constitution Revision Commission. The proposal will be placed Read more about Legislative Issues[…]