Governor Scott Signs 15 Bills into Law

HB 59           Agritourism – This bill prohibits local governments from enforcing regulations that limit agritourism and expands the definition of agritourism.

 HB 75           Electronic Monitoring Devices – This bill makes it a felony to remove or tamper with an electronic monitoring device required by a court order.

 HB 91           Severe Injuries Caused by Dogs – This bill allows additional factors to be considered in legal proceedings regarding dogs that have caused severe injuries.

 HB 127         Continuing Care Facilities – This bill provides two additional options for a nursing home to satisfy financial requirements of the Gold Seal Program.

HB 131         Unattended Persons and Animals in Motor Vehicles – This bill provides civil immunity to rescuers who enter a vehicle to save vulnerable individuals or animals.

HB 241         Children and Youth Cabinet – This bill revises the membership of the Children & Youth Cabinet to include a school superintendent.

HB 273         Relating to Public Records – This bill creates a more specified process for requesting public records from a contractor for public services.

 HB 381         Relating to Public Records – This bill revises the current public records exemption to protect additional information obtained by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

 HB 479         Special Districts – This bill increases oversight and accountability of special districts.

HB 541         Addresses of Legal Residence – This bill relates to voter registration applications.

HB 5103       Alzheimer’s Disease Research – This bill carries over any unexpended balance of appropriation for the Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program.

HB 7023       Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Deployed Servicemembers – This bill qualifies additional deployed servicemembers for an ad valorem tax exemption.

HB 7033       A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act – This bill reenacts an existing public records exemption.

HB 7035       A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act – This bill reenacts a public records exemption for certain investigative information held by the Office of Financial Regulation.

HB 7091       Trust Funds – This bill terminates specified trust funds in the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Health.

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