Governor Scott Signs 15 Bills into Law

HB 59           Agritourism – This bill prohibits local governments from enforcing regulations that limit agritourism and expands the definition of agritourism.  HB 75           Electronic Monitoring Devices – This bill makes it a felony to remove or tamper with an electronic monitoring device required by a court order.  HB 91           Severe Injuries Caused by Dogs – Read more about Governor Scott Signs 15 Bills into Law[…]

Legislative meeting schedule

LEGISLATIVE MEETING SCHEDULE  The Florida Legislature will return to Tallahassee on January 5th for interim committee meetings.  These meetings are also scheduled for the weeks of January 20th-23rd, February 2nd-6th, February 9th-13th and February 16th-20th.    The 2015 Legislative Session begins on March 3rd and lasts sixty days. Members will decide the 2015-16 fiscal year budget Read more about Legislative meeting schedule[…]

More Bills Signed into Law by Governor Scott

SPORTING EVENTS ADMISSION TAX  The Legislature extended the tax exemption on admission tickets to include an all-star game for Major League Soccer. SPORTS FACILITIES INCENTIVES  Sports facilities annual sales tax rebates have been expanded.  New facilities may receive annual funding of $1 million to $3 million depending on the proposed cost of the facility.  The Read more about More Bills Signed into Law by Governor Scott[…]

Bills Signed Into Law By Governor Scott

MARIJUANA  The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 establishes the conditions under which low-THC marijuana may be grown, distributed, prescribed and used by medical patients experiencing certain symptoms and conditions.   This type of medical marijuana will be available on January 1, 2015. TAX FREE SHOPPING DAYS  There are two more tax-free shopping periods in 2014.  Read more about Bills Signed Into Law By Governor Scott[…]

Failed Legislative Initiatives

HEALTHCARE Aside from the landmark medical marijuana bill SB 1030, many of the remaining major pieces of health care legislation did not make it through 2014 session intact. Telemedicine standards, which were set in HB 7113, failed to pass in the Senate.  HB 7105 and SB 1276, which focused the dispute over trauma centers, also failed. Read more about Failed Legislative Initiatives[…]