Bills that Failed

VACATION RENTALS For years, the Legislature has been working to restrict local governments’ regulation of vacation rentals and create a statewide registry and enforcement powers. Cities and counties have fought to retain their rights. Neither the House or the Senate passed the legislation. MEDICAL MARIJUANA POTENCY A bill that would have limited the potency (level of THC) Read more about Bills that Failed[…]

Legislative Issues

Of the 3,517 bills filed this Session (including 1,634 proposed House appropriations projects, which are considered bills), only 207 passed both the Senate and House. That is 10 more bills than last year’s total. Here is a recap of some interesting bills that passed and failed this Session. Bills that Failed VACATION RENTALS After much Read more about Legislative Issues[…]

Legal Updates

AMENDMENT 1 CONSERVATION The First District Court of Appeal has overruled a lower court and sided with the State regarding Amendment 1 funding for land and water conservation. The lower court had ruled that the required funding could only be utilized for projects after the Amendment’s effective date. ABORTION 24-HOUR WAIT PERIOD The 2015 law requiring a Read more about Legal Updates[…]

Legal Updates

MEDICAL MARIJUANA If upheld on appeal, an opinion by the First District Court of Appeal will be a game changer for the medical marijuana industry. The panel of judges ruled that the established governing laws are unconstitutional. The Court concurred that the cap for operators was unconstitutional and that the state created an oligopoly by requiring Read more about Legal Updates[…]