Legislative Issues

Bills signed by Governor DeSantis

CITIZEN BALLOT INITIATIVES The citizen initiative process to propose amendments to the Florida Constitution will see significant changes. Signatures for petitions will only be valid until February 1st of the next even-numbered year; supervisors of elections will now be able to charge the actual cost for verifying signatures; and the number of signatures that must be gathered for the petition to appear on the ballot has increased. Additionally, every proposed constitutional amendment must be reviewed by the Financial Impact Estimating Conference who will draft a financial impact statement that must be posted on the ballot.

SCHOOL CREDIT FOR MILITARY SERVICE The Florida Department of Education’s Articulation Coordinating Committee will create a 13-member workgroup to determine the minimum college credits or certification hours that armed service members can earn from their experience in the military.

COLLEGE ATHLETES COMPENSATION Student athletes can be compensated for his or her name, image or likeness, but the athlete’s college or university cannot restrict or profit off the same. The athlete could obtain professional representation; however, they must disclose it to the college or university while enrolled. The college or university must conduct a financial literacy and life skills workshop in the first and third academic years for the athletes. Implementation of the bill will be delayed until July 1, 2021 pending NCAA action.

MANAGED CARE The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration requested a one-year extension to the current Medicaid managed care contracts. It was added to a healthcare bill and also ensures that future contracts with managed care plans and dental plans will be for six years.

HEMP Language regarding hemp seed was added to the agriculture omnibus bill when the chambers were unable to reach agreement. It includes: adding hemp extract as a food; clarifying what constitutes hemp extract; modifying packaging; prohibiting inhaled extract from being purchased by persons under 21; making changes to the Industrial Hemp Council.