Legislative Issues

Bills Signed by Governor DeSantis: 

FIREWORKS More neighborhood fireworks were launched this Fourth of July holiday weekend as the Governor approved a bill allowing fireworks to be sold for the July 4th holiday, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

PARENTAL CONSENT A minor must get written and notarized parental or legal guardian permission before receiving an abortion. A minor would be able to petition the court for a judicial waiver of this requirement.

PHARMACY KIOSKS Community pharmacies will be able to use an automated system to provide certain medicinal drugs from a kiosk. Controlled substances would not be stored or dispensed in the kiosks.

SUNSCREEN BAN BAN  Preempts local governments from regulating sunscreen and other types of over-the-counter cosmetics and drugs.

GENETIC TESTING Insurers cannot use genetic testing results to set premiums, cancel or deny coverages.

ABANDONED CEMETERIES Unmarked and abandoned African-American cemeteries will come under the authority of a new task force. It will seek to identify such sites and, under a partnership with the University of South Florida and Florida A&M University, conduct research to potentially identify the remains and provide notification. Special emphasis will be applied to the Zion Cemetery, which was recently discovered in Tampa. The task force will also recommend the placement of memorials at the various sites.