Legislative Issues

The Legislature concluded its 2020 Session on March 19th. Since that time, only 16 bills have been sent to, and signed by, the Governor. The presiding officers have 191 additional bills to send to the Governor for his consideration prior to July 1st. That includes the budget with $400 million of member projects that will be watched for potential veto action. It also has $300 million going to the state reserve fund, which would bring total reserves to $4 billion. Florida’s liquidity is strong with no anticipated use of reserves this fiscal year, which ends June 30th.

Legislation signed by the Governor into law includes the following:

  • CS/CS/CS/SB 140 – Fireworks
  • SB 348 – Florida Kidcare Program
  • CS/CS/SB 1060 – Public Records and Meetings
  • SB 828 – Florida ABLE Program
  • CS/CS/CS/SB 1794 – Constitutional Amendments
  • SB 362 – Florida Tourism Marketing
  • CS/HB 7097 – Taxation