Legislative Issues

Some bills we are following this Session

WINDSHIELD INSURANCE These bills would prohibit windshield repair shops from offering customers anything of value in exchange for making an insurance claim for a broken or cracked windshield repair. Opponents contend the bill will potentially shut out smaller repair firms leading to higher costs.

BEAR HUNTING This bill would increase penalties for people who kill bears or possess freshly killed bears outside of designated hunting seasons. The last authorized bear hunt was in 2015 and resulted in the killing of 304 bears.

SHARK FIN BAN This legislation would prohibit the import, export, and sale of shark fins in Florida. “Finning” is already an illegal practice in Florida and the U.S. The state currently requires sharks harvested in Florida waters to be brought to shore in a whole condition.

GAMBLING Sports betting has become big business throughout the nation. Many states allow for such betting under regulated circumstances following a 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision giving states the ability to authorize gambling on professional and college sports events. A bill has been filed that would allow sports betting in Florida.

Also there are a variety of other bills being considered that would either allow or bar the Florida Lottery from engaging in wagering on sporting events. Last session, Governor DeSantis vetoed a bill that would have required the lottery to place warnings on its tickets and advertising.

COLLEGE ATHLETES COMPENSATION A set of filed bills would prohibit an educational institution or organization from barring a student athlete (or their guardian if the student is a minor) from earning compensation or engaging professional representation while attending school.

SPORTS STADIUM PROGRAM This bill would repeal a 2014 program that allows state dollars for new sports stadium construction. The program currently has $13 million a year available for professional stadiums or events administered by the Breeders’ Cup Limited and NASCAR. The money has gone unallocated because of House opposition.