Legislative Issues

Bills That Are Most Likely Dead for Session

FINANCIAL LITERACY It appears the financial literacy bill championed for years by former Senator Dorothy Hukill, will not pass as it has stalled in the House.

TRAFFIC CAMERAS The repeal of red light cameras is once again on the agenda for the Legislature. Previous attempts to implement the repeal have been unsuccessful. The House bill has gone through its first committee, but two are left. Meanwhile the Senate version will be heard in its first committee this week after having been postponed last week.

PROSECUTION TIME LIMITATION Bills which would have eliminated the statute of limitations on the prosecution of sexual batteries when victims are under the age of 18 are also in trouble.

MOVING THE CAPITOL Once again, a senator would like to study the feasibility of moving the state capitol from Tallahassee. It has not been heard and has no House companion bill.

GUNS It is unlikely that these plethora of gun bills filed by members will pass, but there is the possibility that an amendment related to firearms could be attached to another bill. The bills that have not had a committee hearing include: banning military-style assault weapons and large-capacity magazines; prohibiting concealed weapon or firearm licensees from openly carrying a handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into any child care facility; and transferring the concealed weapons licensing program of the Division of Licensing of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to the Department of Law Enforcement.

DISCRIMINATION Several bills addressing discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity appear to be dead.

LOTTERY A bill prohibiting the use of personal electronic devices to play or purchase lottery tickets has passed the House, but is not moving in the Senate. It would also require a warning be printed on the back of all lottery tickets about the dangers of gambling.

LEGISLATIVE EMPLOYEE PAY RAISE This bill by Senator Annette Taddeo (D-Miami) would have provided for a one-time pay raise for employees of the Florida Legislature. State employees could potentially see some type of increase if legislators negotiate for that priority during budget conference.