Congratulations to the winners of the August 18th Primary Election. Statewide 3,890,947 people voted, equaling 28.12 percent of registered voters. Lafayette County led with the highest number of voters casting their ballot at 54.98 percent and Charlotte County had the lowest turnout at 20.99 percent.

Two Senate and ten House races were decided by the primary election. Congratulations to those winners! Additionally, one Senate and two House candidates will face only write-in candidates in the General Election.

The unofficial results for the decided races are:

SD 21 Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton)
SD 33 Perry Thurston (D-Fort Lauderdale) Incumbent 
HD 13 Tracie Davis (D-Jacksonville) Incumbent
HD 20 Yvonne Hayes Hinson (D-Gainesville)
HD 43 Kristen Arrington (D-Kissimmee)
HD 70 Michele K. Rayner (D-St. Petersburg) 
HD 94 Bobby DuBose (D-Fort Lauderdale) Incumbent
HD 95 Anika Omphroy (D-Sunrise) Incumbent
HD 102 Felicia Simone Robinson (D-Miami Gardens)
HD 107 Christopher Benjamin (D-Miami Gardens)
HD 108 Dotie Joseph (D-Miami) Incumbent
HD 117 Kevin Chambliss (D-Miami)