Legislation Vetoed by the Governor

The Governor vetoed eleven bills this session. Three bills of interest are outlined below.

ALIMONY – SB 718 would have changed the awarding of alimony in family law cases. Particulars included the limitation of the length of time alimony could be paid, the placement of caps on the amount of such award, the prohibition of alimony in cases of equal or greater levels of income, and would have presumed a 50/50 custody of minor children. The bill passed both chambers by a comfortable margin and were sent to Governor Scott on April 24th.  On May 1st he vetoed the bill.

DRIVER’S LICENSES – HB 235 would have allowed children of illegal immigrants, under certain circumstances, to apply for, and receive, a temporary Florida driver’s license.  Only individuals 30 and under who had an approved application for a federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals action would have been eligible to receive a Florida license.

WILDFLOWER VANITY TAG – Drivers currently can pay an additional $15 for a license tag supporting the Florida Wildflower Foundation.  The Foundation’s effort to increase their tag fee to $25 was unsuccessful after the Governor vetoed it.  Drivers will be able to continue to purchase the tag with the existing $15 fee, however.

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