Legal Updates

DIGITAL BALLOT IMAGES The Florida Democratic Party, several county supervisors of elections and the Secretary of State have agreed to put a lawsuit on hold until after the November election. The Party is alleging the supervisors are in violation of state law by not storing digital images of ballots fed into tabulating machines. The supervisors contend the paper version is the actual legal ballot and therefore, it is the one kept under the law. At issue is if there is a recount of votes, the two could be compared for tampering. The images will be stored until the suit is resolved.

ROBERT KRAFT SOLICITATION State prosecutors have dropped a solicitation of prostitution case against Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, after a state appeals court threw out the video evidence as inadmissible.

FELON FINES Attorney General Ashley Moody has requested that the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigate former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $16 million fund which is being used to pay outstanding fines and costs of former felons. Payment of these fees would make the individuals eligible voters. Moody is asking whether such an arrangement violates laws regarding bribes to voters.

WATER MAIN BREAK A Broward County circuit judge has approved a class action status for a lawsuit against Florida Power & Light and a subcontractor. While doing work in Fort Lauderdale, the subcontractor damaged a 42-inch water main which required closing offices and a shopping mall while the repairs were being made. Over 9,300 businesses were shut down and 500 have currently joined in the civil action, with more expected.