Bills that Passed



In this section, we review bills that passed both chambers and will be or have been sent to Governor Scott for his consideration.  The Governor will have three options:  (1) sign the legislation into law; (2) veto the legislation; or (3) allow the bills to become law without his signature.


ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION  Florida’s voters will have the option of registering to vote online no later than October, 2017. Florida joins twenty-six other states plus the District of Columbia in authorizing online registration.


CRAFT BEER Craft breweries will now be able to sell growlers – the 64 ounce containers preferred by craft beer enthusiasts.  The bill also lifts restrictions on the sale of beer by these breweries.


HUMAN TRAFFICKING This legislation toughens penalties for human trafficking and mandates that certain facilities in the state, such as airports, rest stops and truck stops, post signs to raise awareness of human trafficking.


ABORTION A required 24-hour waiting period for a woman to have an abortion awaits the Governor’s signature. Exceptions were made for survivors of rape, incest, domestic violence or human trafficking if the woman could prove her circumstances by providing a police report, medical record or similar documentation.


REVENGE PORN   The Governor will decide whether to sign a bill which outlaws placing sexually explicit photos and videos on websites without all parties’ consent.  The first offense is a first-degree misdemeanor, while the second would be a third-degree felony punishable by five years in prison.


ADOPTION Found unconstitutional by the courts in 2010, this legislation removes a 38-year-old ban on adoption of children by gay parents.

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