Bills that Passed



In this section, we review bills that passed both chambers and will be or have been sent to Governor Scott for his consideration.  The Governor will have three options:  (1) sign the legislation into law; (2) veto the legislation; or (3) allow the bills to become law without his signature.

SPRING TRAINING LAND ACQUISITION    Palm Beach County was successful in convincing the Legislature to make extra land available for the construction of a two-team baseball spring training facility.  Once completed, the facility will host the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros.   


JUVENILE ARRESTS  In an effort to streamline juvenile delinquency and reduce the burden on court systems, legislation was passed allowing officers to issue citations to juveniles who are caught committing their first misdemeanor offense.  Previously, arrests were made on such first offenses.


BODY CAMERA VIDEO  A public records exemption was approved for video created by body cameras.  Video recorded in private residences, health care facilities and any place where one may reasonably assume privacy would be shielded from the Sunshine Laws. 


DRONE USAGE   The Legislature passed a proposal prohibiting the use of drones to photograph or record images of people on their property from the air.  The public could sue anyone, including state and local governments, photographing them.  Exemptions include property appraisers and utility companies. 


HIV TESTING Clinics and other healthcare facilities can more easily conduct HIV testing with revised informed consent regulations. 


FAMILY AMUSEMENT GAMES ACT Amusement games or machines in family friendly restaurants and other establishments are now considered lawful. Legislation passed which regulates the types of games that may be played and awards won.

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