Bills That Passed

SCOOTERS This legislation allows for the operation of micromobility devices (scooters) without a valid driver license and excludes them from compliance with vehicle registration, licensing, and insurance requirements. It will not prohibit a city or county government from adopting an ordinance governing the operation of scooters on streets, highways, and sidewalks in their jurisdiction.

STRAW BAN PROHIBITION Governor DeSantis vetoed a bill passed by the Legislature that would have created a five-year moratorium on local governments’ ban on single use plastic straws. Currently 10 Florida cities have some type of regulation regarding the straws, including a Miami Beach ordinance that has been in place since 2012.

SANCTUARY CITIES Creating the Rule of Law Adherence Act, this bill requires state and local governments and law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement laws. Currently, no city in Florida has a sanctuary policy. Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez already launched a Warrant Service Office program to train and certify sheriff’s deputies involved in serving federal immigration warrants to detained undocumented immigrants.