Bills that Passed

The following is a sampling of bills that passed:

EDUCATION Workforce Education A priority of the Governor, this legislation passed both chambers with bipartisan support. The bill will require high schools to place a stronger emphasis on vocational and technical training and apprenticeships, beginning with required courses for middle school students on career and education training. It will also let students use vocational and technical education as a pathway to meeting high school graduation requirements. The bill also requires that every high school offer a financial literacy class, long championed by former Senator Dorothy Hukill, who died last year.

VAPING This measure implements Amendment 9 to the Florida Constitution, which bans indoor use of e-cigarettes in enclosed workplaces except for vape shops. It permits vaping in the same locations where people are allowed to smoke tobacco such as private homes, stand-alone bars, and designated hotel rooms.

AMENDMENT 4 Legislative leadership was determined to address the implementation of the restoration of voting rights passed last November. Democrats were united in their opposition to the proposals put forth by the majority party. At issue was whether the full payment of fines and costs, as well as victim restitution, would be a condition of such restoration. The Senate proposed that restitution must be made prior to restoration, but the House proposed the addition of fines and costs even when converted to civil judgments as a condition. In the final legislation, the House position was approved. The Governor indicated he will sign this bill once he receives it.

TEXTING AND DRIVING Texting and driving will now be a primary offense in Florida. The legislation added a provision that drivers use a hands-free device in school work zones. Warnings only will be issued until December 1, 2019 and there also will be a public awareness campaign. Governor DeSantis signed this bill into law on May 17.