Bills that Failed

The following are a few bills that failed to pass this session:

WINDSHIELD INSURANCE COVERAGE Neither chamber advanced legislation that would prohibit auto-glass shops from offering cash, gift cards and other incentives to motorists to attract windshield repair work.

ABORTION Two bills failed to gain traction: a fetal heartbeat bill would have blocked physicians from performing abortions if fetal heartbeats have been detected; and a parental consent bill would have required minors to obtain parental consent or judicial order waiving consent before getting an abortion.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE This would have prohibited persons convicted of a misdemeanor offense for domestic violence from possessing firearms or ammunition.

EDUCATION Several education bills failed, including a bill that would allow charter school authorizers other than school districts, such as the state college system; a measure that would have created lists of people disqualified from working in the state’s public, private and charter schools; a bill that would limit the terms of school board members to eight years; and a bill that would make the Commissioner of Education an elected position.