Bills That Failed

The following are bills that did not pass this session:

ALCOHOL Several bills impacting the regulation of alcohol died. The bills were attempting to level the playing field between existing craft breweries and craft distilleries. They would have allowed the distilleries a wide latitude regarding direct sales to the public. The House approved HB 1219, but the Senate failed to act and the bill died on the calendar.  It would have impacted allowable alcoholic beverage container sizes; changed the definition of “branded products”; increased the allowable gallons of production of distilled products for craft distilleries; and given distillers the ability to sell 75,000 gallons directly to consumers annually.

CAMPAIGN FUNDS Efforts to restrict the distribution of surplus campaign funds by candidates who did not win their election went nowhere. The bill would have prohibited the donation of leftover funds to a charitable organization that the candidate, or the candidate’s family, operates.

VACATION RENTALS Legislation over the issue of preempting local control over short-term vacation rentals did not pass either chamber. In 2014, a bill prevented local governments from prohibiting or regulating the duration or frequency of vacation rentals but grandfathered in ordinances adopted before 2011. About 75 local governments had enacted ordinances to govern vacation rentals within their boundaries.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS Legislation sponsored by Senator Manny Diaz (R-Miami) and Representative Sam Killebrew (R-Winter Haven) regulating emotional support animals failed to make it across the finish line.