Nine Bills Signed into Law

Today, Governor Rick Scott signed into law 9 bills from the 2016 legislative session. They are:

SB 238         Medical Assistant Certification – This bill repeals a voluntary certification for medical assistants.

SB 242         An Infectious Disease Elimination Pilot Program – This bill establishes a pilot program at the University of Miami to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other blood borne diseases.

SB 340         Vision Care Plans – This bill relates to health insurance requirements for ophthalmologists and optometrists.

SB 450         Physical Therapy – This bill relates to the licensure of physical therapists.

SB 590         Adoption – This bill allows judges to make adoption decisions based on the best interest of the child and makes other changes to adoption procedures.

SB 636         Rape Kits – This bill requires rape kits to be tested within a specified time frame.

SB 860         Foster Families – This bill designates the second week of February as “Foster Family Appreciation Week.”

SB 1174       Residential Facilities – This bill clarifies distance requirements for community residential homes.

SB 7020       A Review Under the Open Government Sunset Review – This bill reenacts an existing public records exemption relating to the Florida Health Choices Program.

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