Bills that Failed

VACATION RENTALS For years, the Legislature has been working to restrict local governments’ regulation of vacation rentals and create a statewide registry and enforcement powers. Cities and counties have fought to retain their rights. Neither the House or the Senate passed the legislation.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA POTENCY A bill that would have limited the potency (level of THC) in medical marijuana products to 10 percent did not pass.

MENTAL HEALTH COMMISSION A 19-member commission would have been created to examine current methods of providing mental health and substance abuse services in the state and submit a report by September 2022. This legislation developed as a recommendation of the Florida Supreme Court Grand Jury that studied systemic school safety failures after the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

COVID-19 DATA The Florida Department of Health would have been required to release daily reports on its website disclosing certain information about coronavirus testing and vaccination in Florida.

ALIMONY While the House approved changes to Florida’s alimony laws, the Senate did not advance the bill. It would have eliminated permanent alimony and reduced the duration of alimony.