Bills going into effect July 1st

Below is a sampling of bills signed by Governor Rick Scott that will go into effect tomorrow, July 1st.

SB 2500, the state’s $80 billion budget.

HB 7022, provides pay raises to state employees.

HB 7109, the measure includes a three-day back-to-school tax holiday and eliminates sales taxes on feminine hygiene products.

HB 305, allows law-enforcement officers to review footage from their body cameras before filling out reports.

HB 687, the “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act” will increase the availability of 5G wireless technology throughout Florida.

SB 396, requires colleges and universities each year to provide students with financial information regarding their student loans.

HB 989, revises the review process for instructional materials to make it easier for parents and county residents to challenge a school district’s instructional materials.

HB 7069, the controversial education bill that encompasses everything from school testing to recess to “Schools of Hope”.

HB 101, allows families to request certificates of “nonviable birth” after miscarriages.

HB 221, Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft must now follow state regulations regarding requirements for insurance coverage and driver background checks.

HB 299, expands the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) to include Brevard County.

SB 368, makes 50 honorary designations of Florida transportation facilities, including the “Muhammed Ali Boulevard” in Miami-Dade County,  the “Gulf Coast Highway” in Pasco County, the  “Lieutenant Debra Clayton Memorial Highway” and the “First Class Deputy Normal Lewis Memorial Highway,” both in Orange County.

SB 1018, Public notification must be given within 24 hours of pollution incidents and additional resources for pollution prevention and recovery are now available. This legislation stems from an incident last year where approximately 215 million gallons of radioactive and contaminated water was released into Florida’s aquifer when a sinkhole formed directly below a wastewater storage pond used by Mosaic. The public was not notified for three weeks.


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