Summer 2013 Legal Updates

FAIR DISTRICTS – Since the passage of the Fair Districts constitutional amendment in 2010, there has been considerable legal maneuvers regarding the manner in which the Legislature redistricted the state.  Currently there are three pending lawsuits contending the Republican controlled Legislature failed to adhere to the standards contained in the constitutional amendment.  Recently, a state appeals court ruled that legislators and legislative staff do not have to answer questions related to the lawsuit.  In another suit, a Leon County circuit judge held a Republican consulting firm in contempt because of its failure to turn over related documents.

DRUG TESTING OF STATE EMPLOYEES – After a Miami federal judge ruled that across-the-board drug testing of state employees ordered by the Governor infringed upon their rights, the State appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta.  The appeals court ordered the Miami judge to revisit the issue as her ruling was too broad.  The appeals court suggested that certain job categories could be required to submit to such testing,  An additional hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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