February 7, 2013

Robert Miller


Vice President

Robert Miller joined JEJ & Associates in 2002, and is currently vice president.  With over thirty-four years of governmental and political experience, he has represented a wide range of clients before local governments and the Florida Legislature.  His expertise is in municipal and legislative issues, as well as working with regulatory agencies.

As part of the JEJ & Associates team, Mr. Miller has worked with city and county commissioners, state legislators, local and state agency staff to develop multi-level solutions for client priorities in the areas of public transportation, transportation disadvantaged, fiscal advocacy, growth management, and environmental issues.

In addition to his work with JEJ & Associates, Mr. Miller is also a partner in a Central Florida firm engaged in addressing local governmental issues, real estate development and management.

A Central Florida native, Robert has served on several statewide and local community boards including the Florida Task Force on the Availability and Affordability of Long Term Health Care, and the Orlando FIRST Regional Committee. In addition, he is regularly engaged in political campaigns at the federal, state and local levels.

Robert is a graduate of the University of Florida, with degrees in political science and history, and earned a master’s degree from Georgetown University’s Institute of Comparative Political and Economic Systems.

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