Movers & Shakers

Governor Rick Scott is realigning his leadership team within his office and the state agencies.

  • Julie Jones was appointed Secretary of the  Department of Corrections. She previously served as Executive Director of the  Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
  • Mike Carroll was appointed Secretary of the Department of Children and Families. Carroll has served as Interim Secretary since May of this year.
  • Christina Daly was appointed Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Justice. Daly has served as interim secretary since July 2014.
  • Jon Steverson, who for the past two years served as executive director of the Northwest Florida Management District, was appointed Secretary of the  Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Sam Verghese was appointed Secretary of the Department of Elder Affairs. Since May he served as Governor Scott’s external affairs director.
  • Rick Swearingen was appointed Interim Commissioner of FDLE. He has served as director of the Capitol Police since June 2013.
  • Jim Boxold was appointed Secretary of the Department of Transportation.  Boxold has been Chief of staff for FDOT since 2013 and from 2003-2013 he was the Director of Cabinet of Affairs for the  Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.
  • Elizabeth Dudek was reappointed Secretary of the Agency for Healthcare Administration. She was originally appointed in 2011.
  • Ken Detzner was reappointed Secretary of State. Detzner has served as Secretary of State since 2012.
  • Dr. John Armstrong reappointed as Surgeon General and Secretary of Department of Health.
  • Barbara Palmer was reappointed as Director for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Palmer has served as Director since August 2012.
  • Jesse Panuccio reappointed executive director of the Department of Economic Opportunity. She was originally appointed in 2013.
  •  Ken Lawson Reappointed as Secretary of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Lawson was originally appointed March 2011.
  • Cynthia O’Connell reappointed as Secretary of the Florida Lottery. She was originally appointed in 2011.
  • Melissa Sellers will serve as the Governor’s Chief Of Staff.  Sellers previously served as his Communications Director.
  • Frank Collins will be Deputy Chief of Staff. Collins previously served as Deputy Communications Director in the Governor’s communications office.
  • Kim McDougal is the Deputy Chief of Staff and Legislative Affairs Director. McDougal served on Governor Scott’s reelection campaign.
  • Brad Piepenbrink is the Deputy Chief of Staff and External Affairs Director. Piepenbrink was political director for Governor Scott’s reelection campaign.
  • Karl Rasmussen is the Deputy Chief of Staff. Rasmussen previously served as Governor Scott’s Director of Cabinet Affairs.
  • Monica Russell is the Director of Cabinet Affairs. Russell previously served as deputy communications director in the Governor’s Office.
  • Timothy Cerio will be the Governor’s General Counsel. Cerio served as chief of staff and general counsel at the Florida Department of Health from 2005 to 2007.
  • Jeff Woodburn is the Governor’s Policy Director. Woodburn served as Deputy Secretary for Business Regulation at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
  • Jackie Schutz will be the Communications Director. Schultz has worked for Governor Scott since 2011 and was part of his reelection campaign.
  • John Tupps is the Deputy Communications Director. Tupps previously served as the Governor’s as Press Secretary.
  • Jeri Bustamante will be the Press Secretary. She most recently served as Press Secretary for Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera during the reelection campaign.

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