Movers and Shakers

Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Three were inducted, posthumously, to the 2020 Florida Citrus Hall of Fame, based at Florida Southern College. Inducted were:

  • Karick Price Sr Born in Orlando in 1938, Price ran his family business T&G Harvesting. He attended the University of Florida and was appointed to the Florida Citrus Commission in 1971. He was one of the first growers to trade frozen concentrated orange juice futures on the New York Cotton Exchange. Price died in 2011 after a 10-year battle with multiple sclerosis.
  • Frank E. Gardner Born in Washington, D.C. in 1901, Gardner graduated from Penn State and University of California-Berkeley. For 29 years, he led research at the USDA Subtropical Fruit Station in Orlando and was instrumental in establishing the Citrus Research Foundation. Gardner died in 1979 in Orlando.
  • John Kennedy Sr Born in Pittsburgh in 1926, he graduated from the University of Florida. Kennedy spent 44 years working for Golden Gem Growers, managing more than 17,000 acres of citrus until his retirement in 1996. He served as a board member and president of the Florida Citrus Production Managers Association and Florida State Horticultural Society. After his death in 2017, the family established the John M. Kennedy Fellowship at Florida Southern to support citrus education programs.

Florida Legislative Black Caucus The Black Caucus announced its 2020-2022 officers. They are: Senator Bobby Powell, Jr. (D-West Palm Beach), chair; Representative Kamia Brown (D-Orlando) vice chair; Representative Tracie Davis (D- Jacksonville), secretary; Representative Patricia Williams (D-Pompano Beach), treasurer; and Representative Fentrice Driskell (D-Tampa), parliamentarian.