Legal Updates

ID NOT REQUIRED A U.S. District Court judge overturned a Jacksonville ordinance which required that strip-club dancers have police-issued identification, be fingerprinted, and prove the eligibility to work. The judge determined the law was unconstitutional because it gave the Sheriff’s Office too much control over who could dance.

TRANSPORTATION SALES TAX The Florida Supreme Court ruled that the Hillsborough County one-cent sales tax to fund transportation projects was unconstitutional. However, the Court did not address what to do with the $502.3 million collected to date. The Hillsborough County Commission and the State are in discussions about what to do with the money.

SCHOOL TAX INCREASE A Florida appeals court has ruled that a 2018 Palm Beach County referendum which approved a property tax increase to fund non-charter schools was unconstitutional. The judge ruled that increase violated a state law requiring that students in charter schools receive the same funding as public schools.

UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION SUIT A Leon County circuit court judge has dismissed a potential class action law against the State and Deloitte Consulting regarding the disastrous online unemployment compensation system’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. This rejection is the second time the judge has ruled against the plaintiffs in the last six months. The judge determined the lawsuit is barred by the separation of powers between the judicial and executive branches of government.