Legal Updates

BALLOT CANDIDATE ORDER A three judge panel of the 11th U.S. District Court of Appeals previously rejected the plaintiffs request to do away with the nearly 70-year-old process of determining the ballot order of candidates. The national Democratic Party has requested a reconsideration of the issue by the full court. As previously reported, current law requires the political party currently holding the governorship to be listed first.

COUNTY SHORT TERM BED TAX The Florida appeals court which ruled that Airbnb and TripAdvisor are not required to collect and remit county-imposed taxes on short-term rentals has declined to recommend that the Florida Supreme Court review their decision.

SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA A Florida appeals court has overturned a $25 million award to the families of three people killed in a violent car crash caused by a driver who had taken synthetic marijuana. The court ruled that state precedent prohibits the maker of the substance from being held responsible.

UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM A Leon County judge has denied a request to issue an injunction against Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity. The plaintiffs were requesting the judge to order a fix to the defective unemployment system. The judge ruled he had no authority to order the executive branch to take action in this matter due to the separation of powers of government.

KID INSPIRED ENVIRONMENTAL LAWSUIT A Florida judge has reluctantly dismissed a group of young people’s suit accusing local officials of violating their state constitutional rights to a safe environment by promoting fossil fuel use. They argued the state ignored climate change impacts of fossil fuels. The judge determined that it is not the court’s place to legislate.

VOTER FRAUD ALLEGATIONS State law enforcement officials found “no evidence of fraudulent intent” by the Florida Democratic Party after more than a year-long investigation into alleged vote-by-mail fraud. The case involved the alteration of voter forms. The officials determined volunteers were acting in anticipation of an expected court ruling and had no criminal intent.