Legal Updates

REMOTE SUPREME COURT HEARINGS Florida’s Supreme Court has made the transition to remote video hearings in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The first of such hearings was held on May 6th.

SUSPENSION OF JURY TRIALS Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady extended the period for the suspension of jury trials through July 2nd. Other types of proceedings are to be by telephone or video conferencing.

EMERGENCY POWERS The Florida Supreme Court has determined that in times of emergency, the chief justice can independently take steps to mitigate difficulties faced by members of the Florida Bar These include deadline extensions and making changes to notarization and oath requirements.

CHARTER SCHOOL LAW The Florida Supreme Court, by unanimous decision, and without explanation, turned down a request by nine county school boards to review the decision of a lower court which upheld a three-year-old law regarding education. The boards challenged the distribution of public education dollars that were earmarked for charter schools.

PULSE LAWSUIT Victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting sued the security company that had previously employed the shooter in South Florida for damages. Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal confirmed the dismissal of the lawsuit saying that the victims could not show that the company’s previous actions led to the shooting.