Legal Updates

GUN CASE DELAY A hearing on a 2011 law creating financial fines and risk of removal for local government officials has been delayed. The law specifies these penalties should local government enact stricter gun regulations than the state. A lower court had ruled portions of the law unconstitutional and the state had appealed to the 1st District Court of Appeal. The state attorney sought a continuance due to his wife being pregnant with twins. The attorney was concerned about the ability to find care for his wife and children during to the pandemic.

FLORIDA BALLOT ORDER The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the ruling of a U.S. district judge regarding the positioning of candidates by political party on Florida’s ballot. The court let stand a law awarding the top ballot spot in contested partisan elections to the Governor’s political party and ordered the dismissal of the case.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN Fallout continues long after the death of Jeffery Epstein. Victims have been attempting for the past 12 years to secure the protections available under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act. A divided U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the victims. The ruling was based on the fact that a formal criminal charge was never filed since prosecutors reached a non-prosecution deal.

TELEVISION SHOW STAR Mandy Moore, one of the stars of the popular television show “This Is Us”, has been hit with a lawsuit in a Florida federal court. A photographer is claiming that Moore used one of his copyrighted photographs on her personal Instagram site.