Legal Updates

MIAMI-DADE EXPRESSWAY AUTHORITY The Legislature passed a measure that would abolish the Miami-Dade County Expressway Authority and place it under FDOT control. The Authority filed a lawsuit in Leon County challenging the intent of the legislation. The judge had ruled the suit was premature as the bill had not been signed into law. With the Governor signing the bill on July 5th, the Authority’s attorneys immediately sought to renew the case.

EARLY VOTING SITES A new law signed by Governor DeSantis would require that early voting sites have sufficient non-permitted parking. Voting rights advocates have filed a lawsuit stating that the policy would eliminate college campus sites due to their restrictive parking rules and is a tactic to reduce college students’ voting rights.

SANCTUARY CITIES In response to a new law prohibiting sanctuary cities, the City of South Miami has joined a lawsuit challenging the law. While there are no current sanctuary cities according to the definition in the state statute, some do have sanctuary policies. The suit contends the law is unconstitutional because it violates the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable seizure.