Legal Updates

FACEBOOK FRIEND The Florida Supreme Court has refused to reconsider its previous ruling that a Facebook friendship between a judge and an attorney who is appearing before the judge does not call for an immediate recusal. 

STAND YOUR GROUND The Florida Supreme Court has clarified this law and ruled that law enforcement officers are eligible for Stand Your Ground immunity.

FLORIDA SUPREME COURT NOMINATING COMMISSION With three current Florida Supreme Court Justices facing mandatory retirement, the nominating commission has submitted a list of 11 names to fill the upcoming vacancies. According to a 2009 Florida Supreme Court decision, the incoming Governor is required by the Florida Constitution to choose the replacements from this list. Controversy has arisen due to the fact that there are no African-American nominees, which means that for the first time since 1983 the Court will not include any black members. Democratic legislators have filed bills which would reform the nominating process. Under current law, the governor appoints all members to the nominating commission. 

TRAFFIC TICKET FIRM   A federal judge has dismissed an antitrust lawsuit filed by TIKD, a traffic ticket services startup. The plaintiff said the Florida Bar conspired with a law firm in an attempt to put the startup out of business. 

PARKLAND LAWSUIT A federal judge has ruled against most of the claims in a lawsuit brought by 15 Parkland survivors seeking damages from Broward County schools and police. The judge ruled that neither plaintiff had the duty to protect the students from a third-party intruder.