Legal Updates

TEXTING LAWSUIT A class action lawsuit has been filed by a man on behalf of text recipients originated by the Tampa Bay Rays. The suit claims a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act because the baseball team did not obtain his consent to receive text messages about upcoming games.

RENTAL CAR FEES Attorney General Pam Bondi has filed a lawsuit against a rental car company for charging customers a $15 administrative fee each time the renter accumulated a road toll fee and were unable to pay the charge due to automated toll collection.

TIMESHARES A group of timeshare owners in Orange County are asking a federal court to not issue a quick judgment releasing the County from their lawsuit. The owners contend that Orange County knowingly allowed the filing of defective trust instruments and therefore, are partially responsible and subject to damages.

UBER SETTLEMENT Florida is scheduled to receive $8.2 million from a multi-state settlement with Uber, the ride-sharing company. The Attorneys General had sought the settlement due to a data breach wherein hackers had gained Uber drivers personal information. Uber had been slow in disclosing the breach, which violated Florida as well as other state’s laws.