Legal Updates

SAMPLE BALLOTS A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that 32 counties are required to make available Spanish language sample ballots for the upcoming election. The ruling applies only to sample ballots, not official ballots, as the judge ruled there was insufficient time to print official ballots prior to the election.

ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS A Florida appeals court has ruled that homeowners’ insurance policies may require the signatures of all insureds and mortgagees to validate an assignment of benefits to a third party under the policy. This ruling, if left to stand under appeal, would radically change the current assignment procedures.

PRE-REVEAL SLOTS A Florida appeals court has affirmed a lower court ruling that pre-reveal gaming machines are in fact illegal slot machines under Florida law.

 CONSERVATION FUNDING The 1st District Court of Appeal has rejected the request of conservation groups to fast track an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court. A circuit court judge ruled in favor of the group’s contention that the Legislature had failed to carry out the voter approved amendment, passed by voters in 2016, which required certain spending for land and water conservation.