Legal Updates

SPORTS BETTING The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the State of New Jersey regarding states’ ability to allow sports betting. The Court ruled that existing law prohibiting states other than Nevada from permitting sports books unconstitutional. This may open the door for Florida to allow the same.

RED LIGHT CAMERAS In a blow to red light runners, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the City of Aventura regarding the case review process. A driver had alleged the City gave too much authority to the private company who installed the cameras in determining violations. The ruling will allow all local governments to continue company review processes, wherever they are currently being used.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE The Florida Supreme Court has settled a case involving conflicting opinions from two lower appeals courts. The Court determined that it is not medical malpractice when physical restraint is used to control unruly patients, and those patients are injured during the process.