Legal Updates

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FUNDING State and local governments have reached a settlement in regards to multiple lawsuits they filed against Digital Domain, a visual effects film studio awarded $20 million in economic incentive monies in 2009.  The company, which has declared bankruptcy, will pay the State $5 million, of which $2 million will go to attorney fees.

 MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWERS Fights continue concerning the licensure of nurseries to cultivate marijuana in order to comply with Florida’s new medical marijuana law.  An administrative judge recently ruled against one nursery who contended that an error scoring their application occurred during the selection process.  The judge ruled that he did not have the power to decide the issue without it first going through the required full agency hearing process.

AMENDMENT 1 ENVIRONMENTAL FUNDING Plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the Legislature’s appropriation of $299 million to fund salaries and other operating expenses rather than the Land Acquisition Trust Fund have asked the judge to accelerate a decision.  The groups argued that the appropriation did not follow the intent of the Amendment and would like a decision prior to the start of the coming fiscal year.

SUPREME COURT TV COVERAGE The State of Florida has been singled out as a model for the use of cameras within the Court.  Florida has allowed cameras since 1979 and live coverage since 1997.  Congress is currently studying the issue and will consider allowing cameras to broadcast U.S. Supreme Court proceedings live during its sessions.

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