Legal Updates

JUVENILE SENTENCING The Florida Supreme Court has ruled on a case involving a murderer who was 16 at the time of her crime.  During the trial, the woman was given life in prison without the possibility of parole as allowed by Florida law.  Responding to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against such sentences, the Florida court threw out the mandated jail time based upon the lack of parole opportunity and ordered a resentencing hearing.

FLOWER SALES TAX Florida’s Supreme Court ruled on a case involving the application of sales tax on flowers ordered by out-of-state customers and filled by out-of-state florists.  An internet company had sought protection from sales tax collection.  The Court ruled that because the company was registered in Florida and had a physical presence in the state that they were subject to the collection.

FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that state regulators overstepped their authority in allowing Florida Power & Light to charge all of its Florida customers up to $750 million per year for five years.  The money was earmarked for an investment in an Oklahoma based fracking company.  The Court ruled the company would have to seek legislative approval to pass such costs to consumers.

BROWN REDISTRICTING LAWSUIT Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s continued legal attempt to invalidate Florida’s redistricting has suffered another setback.  A panel of three federal judges unanimously ruled that Brown could not prove that the redistricting hindered the election of an African-American.  The Congresswoman has subsequently stated that she is considering appealing to the Florida Supreme Court.

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