Legal Updates

DOCS V. GLOCKS The full Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals  heard arguments in the continuing “docs v. glocks” battle over physician rights to discuss firearms possession within patients’ homes on June 21st.  Over the past two years, a three judge panel of the Court has ruled three times in favor of the law.

OPEN CARRY OF FIREARMS The Florida Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case brought forth by a Fort Pierce man who was convicted of open carry of a firearm even though he had a concealed weapon permit.  The Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled the ban was constitutional and refused to overturn his conviction, prompting the appeal to the high court.  During arguments, the judges were skeptical of overturning the law and questioned whether attorneys for Attorney General Bondi provided enough reasons to uphold the law.

FALSE REPORTS LAWSUITS The Florida Supreme Court ruled that citizens have the right to sue over injuries sustained due to “reckless” false reports about criminal activity.  The case involved a person attempting to cash a $100 check at a bank.  The bank employee tripped a silent alarm based upon the dress of the person.  Police arrived and injured the customer through a kick to the head, which caused the person to file a suit.  The Court overturned the Third District Court of Appeal ruling and sent it back to be retried because of other inconsistencies during the trial.

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