Issues of Interest

APPOINTMENTS RESCINDED Governor DeSantis rescinded 169 appointments made by out-going Governor Scott on February 25th covering a wide range of boards. He had previously rescinded 45 appointments in his first days of office. 

MARIJUANA GROWER BANKING Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Patronis has asked the Trump Administration to use its executive power authority to allow banks to do business with state-authorized medical marijuana companies. It is currently against federal law for banks to provide services to the marijuana industry.

GRAND JURY GRANTED The Florida Supreme Court granted Governor DeSantis’ request to convene a grand jury to investigate school safety. The grand jury will have sweeping powers to investigate government failures leading up to the Parkland shootings and potential cover-ups following the disaster.  

WORKFORCE EDUCATION The Governor issued Executive Order 19-31 on January 30th to move the state towards workforce education. He wants Florida to be number one in student preparation for high-demand, high-wage jobs.

STATE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS Chief Financial Officer Patronis’ top priority this year is to do away with the current Florida Accounting and Information Resource software, or FLAIR, to manage all of the state’s financial accounts and resources. The State has used this software for 30 years and he wants to replace it with Florida Planning, Accounting, and Ledger Management, or PALM, a new custom software designed to address the government’s needs.