Issues of Interest

ATTORNEY RECIPROCITY The Florida Bar Board of Governors voted unanimously against a proposal to allow out-of-state attorney reciprocity. The proposal would have allowed non-Florida attorneys to become licensed within the State without having to take the state bar exam.  Currently, about forty states have a process allowing admission to the bar by motion, rather than exam.

DOZIER SCHOOL UPDATE   Florida’s Cabinet recently held a discussion on what should be done next with the now shuttered and disgraced Dozier School for Boys where over 80 boys died, often due to suspected neglect and abuse.  The Cabinet elected to not move forward until the final University of South Florida report is released in January.

OSCEOLA COUNTY MINIMUM WAGE ORDINANCE  Osceola County Commissioner Michael Harford recently proposed a living wage ordinance which would have increased the minimum wage from $8.05 to $11.66 per hour for county employees and outside contracted workers.  The measure failed, but the Commission agreed to add a formula to their RFP process which would reward vendors based upon wage rates.

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