Issues of Interest

FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute at FIT will open this fall. The former astronaut and moonwalker will be joining the university’s faculty as a Research Professor of Aeronautics.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD Governor Scott announced the creation of the “Young Entrepreneur Award” on August 10th to recognize Florida students, college graduates and young entrepreneurs who are excelling in the workplace and creating innovative ideas in Florida. The award is open to Floridians under the age of 35 who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and an exceptional motivation to succeed in their future career.

TOURISM According to VISIT Florida, 26.7 million visitors came to Florida between January and March, 2015. This is the largest number of tourists in a quarter to visit the Sunshine State. The State has set a goal of attracting 100 million tourists within a calendar year.

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