Happy 450th Birthday to St. Augustine!

JEJ & Associates congratulates the City of St. Augustine on its 450th Anniversary. The City was founded in 1465 as the first successful Spanish settlement in the New World and remains the oldest continuously occupied city in North America. Spanish Navy Admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés destroyed the French garrison at Fort Caroline at the mouth of the St. Johns River, dispatched the French and established the City of St. Augustine on the site of the former Timucua village of Seloy.

St. Augustine’s history is more significant to our country than the Jamestown settlement or Roanoke and Plymouth colonies founded by the British. St. Augustine is older than all of those. La Florida is not universally recognized for its contributions to our nation’s history based on what many of us learned in our U.S. history courses in elementary and middle school.

JEJ & Associates joined in the celebration this past weekend, which included a music and street festival, cake cutting ceremony, fireworks, reenactment of the Menéndez landing in St. Augustine and a celebratory Mass at the Cathedral.

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