As long-time Floridians we can all be amused, or serious, or insulted when someone uses the phrase ‘Floriduh’ to describe our great state.  Most people would assume that Dave Barry, the award winning columnist for the Miami Herald and author of countless books, originated the term.  However, that is not correct.  Florida based comedian Boca Brian actually takes credit for inventing the word which has become part of the Urban Dictionary, and used throughout the country.

Brian claims that he used to perform a comedy routine titled “Oh, Florida”, which was a takeoff of the Canadian national anthem “O, Canada”.  Within the parody were countless different news items which he felt were unique to Florida.  During the song, he would exaggerate the pronunciation of Florida to FloriDUH.  Thus, our curse was born.

Today, there is no stopping the use of this phrase when anytime anything “unique” to Florida occurs, Floriduh is there. The rest of the country just chuckles in amusement.

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