Florida Budget discussion

Both chambers have released their proposed Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budgets.  The Senate budget is $80.42 billion, while the House version is $76.15 billion.  The bills were considered in there respective chambers on April 1st.  Major differences exist between the two.  At issue is whether the federal government will give Florida an extension for the Low Income Pool (LIP) to cover health care costs of 800,000 low income Floridians.The Senate proposed a drawdown of $2.8 billion from the federal government and establish a Florida Health Insurance Exchange. Neither the Governor nor the House has shown any interest in this proposal. Additionally, another major budget difference is the approach to tax cuts. The House version included $690 million in proposed tax cuts, while the Senate, so far, accounts for no tax reductions.

Outlined below is a comparison of the two chambers’ spending proposals. Clicking on the Senate or House bill below will take you to the bill language :


 Senate Bill 2500  House Bill  5001
General Revenue Funds $28,147,075,175 $28,375,609,451
Trust Funds $52,277,496,495 $47,778,638,874
Education $       21,110,200 $       21,017,700
Human Services $       30,178,600 $       35,189,800
Criminal  Justice & Corrections $         4,140,700 $         4,139,000
Natural Resources/Environment/Growth Management/Transportation $         3,111,700 $         2,935,900
General Government $         4,044,600 $        4,349,300
Judicial $            499,500 $           497,600

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