Bills in Effect on October 1st

Over thirty bills went into effect on October 1st and none have received as much attention as the texting while driving ban. The “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law” is a secondary offense, meaning you may not be cited for using a wireless communications device unless you are first pulled over for another driving infraction. The law provides exemptions for the use of GPS devices, talk-to-text technology and for reporting criminal behavior. It also allows texting while stopped, such as at red lights and stop signs.

Other laws that went into effect:  measures that increase penalties on those who recruit minors into gangs (HB 407) and distribute harmful material to minors at school (HB 113); a rule that gives people the chance to speak at government meetings (SB 50); prohibition of state-issued Electronic Benefits Transfer “EBT” Cards, also known as food stamps, from being used at strip clubs, liquor stores and gambling establishments (SB 1048); and outlawing protesting within a specified distance of a funeral or burial (SB 240).

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