Bills that Failed

UNEMPLOYMENT The House refused to concur with the Senate’s proposal to raise the state’s unemployment benefit from $275 to $375 a week and to extend the eligibility period from 12 to 14 weeks. LOTTERY WINNERS This bill would have created a public record exemption for the name of a winner of a prize valued at Read more about Bills that Failed[…]

Winter 2013 Economic Updates

REVENUE ESTIMATING CONFERENCE.  The State Revenue Estimating Conference on Friday, December 6th to update their projections.  State economists predict an additional $324.3 million in tax revenues for the current and next fiscal years.  This is in addition to the $845.7 million that had previously been expected. TAX CUTS.  With the increase in revenues, the debate Read more about Winter 2013 Economic Updates[…]

Late Summer 2013 Economic Update

The Revenue Estimating Conference met on August 9th to discuss the State of Florida’s revenue projections for the current and future fiscal years.  Anticipated revenue for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 has been revised upward by $294 million, most of which is attributable to a $200.1 million one-time payment from the National Mortgage Settlement.  For Fiscal Year Read more about Late Summer 2013 Economic Update[…]

Summer 2013 Issues of Interest

MANAGED MEDICAL CARE – The federal government granted Florida the required waiver to allow 2.9 million Floridians in the Medicaid program to move to managed care.  The transition for this phase begins in April, 2014. Long term care Medicaid recipients are transitioning this August.  INTERNET CAFES – Shortly after the passage of legislation prohibiting interest cafes and Read more about Summer 2013 Issues of Interest[…]

2013-2014 Budget

Florida’s economy is slowly regaining strength as state economists project the state’s tax collections will grow about an average of 5 percent, or as much as $3.5 billion, for the next fiscal year.  Florida’s unemployment rate for February, 2013 is at its lowest level in four years, 7.7%, and recently fell below the national average for the Read more about 2013-2014 Budget[…]