Failed Legislative Initiatives

HEALTHCARE Aside from the landmark medical marijuana bill SB 1030, many of the remaining major pieces of health care legislation did not make it through 2014 session intact. Telemedicine standards, which were set in HB 7113, failed to pass in the Senate.  HB 7105 and SB 1276, which focused the dispute over trauma centers, also failed. Read more about Failed Legislative Initiatives[…]

Legislation Approved by the Governor

To date, the Governor has signed two hundred seventy-two bills into law and has vetoed eleven. After passage by the Legislature, a bill must be signed by the presiding officers and presented to the Governor.  The Governor then has fifteen days to either (1) sign the bill into law, (2) let the time lapse and Read more about Legislation Approved by the Governor[…]

July 2013: From the Capitol…

Since the completion of the 2013 legislative session in early May, Governor Rick Scott and his team have received two hundred eighty-five bills for consideration. As of July, he has acted on all of them. The Governor is also working to appoint a new Lieutenant Governor.  Since former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll’s resignation in March, Read more about July 2013: From the Capitol…[…]