Legislative Issues

Of the 3,517 bills filed this Session (including 1,634 proposed House appropriations projects, which are considered bills), only 207 passed both the Senate and House. That is 10 more bills than last year’s total. Here is a recap of some interesting bills that passed and failed this Session.

Bills That Failed

PIP INSURANCE Personal injury protection legislation failed, which would have repealed the state’s no-fault law.

CAR SHARING The fight between traditional car rental companies and car sharing platforms will continue next year. Peer to peer car sharing transactions are not currently subject to state surcharges and insurance coverages; and the rental car companies are trying to create a more level playing field between competitors.

CONSTITUTION REVISION COMMISSION A bill to eliminate the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) failed in the final days of session. The CRC meets once every 20 years to recommend revisions to the Florida Constitution.

PRISON SENTENCING The Senate had bipartisan support for a series of bills that would have reformed sentencing requirements for drug trafficking offenses; reduced mandatory minimum sentences; and improved programs to help prisoners upon their release. None of the proposals made it out of House subcommittees.

DUI DIVERSION Bills creating a one-year pilot program for first-time DUI offenders failed to be heard in either chamber.

ALCOHOL Several alcohol related bills failed to pass this year. They included legislation allowing patrons to bring dogs into breweries; establishing a beverage container refund program; revising requirements authorizing restaurants that allow patrons to remove partially consumed bottles of wine and for the sale of branded products by licensed craft distillery to consumers; and allowing small craft brewers more freedom to end contracts with distributors; and giving naming rights and advertising deals with theme parks.