Legislative Issues

Some bills we are following for you this Session:

SALES TAX HOLIDAYS Putting a few extra dollars in taxpayers’ pockets through the authorization of sales tax holidays are a favorite with legislators. There are bills currently making their way through committees that address the annual back-to-school tax holiday, a hurricane preparedness break and a small business Saturday tax break.

CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION COMMISSION Several bills have been introduced to either abolish the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) or limit proposals to single subjects. After a whopping 11 amendments were approved by voters during the 2018 election cycle, legislators want to limit the CRC’s authority to place amendments on the ballot. The CRC recommended seven of those amendments on the last cycle’s ballot, many with multiple, unrelated topics. The CRC meets once every 20 years to recommend revisions to the state constitution.

SUNSCREEN  Those of us seeking protection from Florida’s sun would need a prescription for sunscreen products containing oxybenzone or octinoxate, or both, should this bill be enacted. Those products have been connected to harmful impacts to coral reefs.

PHARMACY FLU TESTS Pharmacists may have the ability to test and treat patients for influenza and streptococcus if bills pass this session authorizing pharmacists to enter into written “protocols” with supervising physicians.

PHARMACY KIOSKS Community pharmacies may have the ability to use an automated system to provide certain medicinal drugs in a kiosk. This would expand the current law to include long-term care facilities, hospices and state correctional institutions employed by community pharmacies. Controlled substances would not be stored or dispensed in the kiosks.

TOBACCO AND NICOTINE PRODUCTS  The federal government recently prohibited the sale of tobacco products to those under 21. Several bills have been filed that deal with smoking and vaping. These bills would further regulate those sales and create additional prohibitions of the products.

MARIJUANA POSSESION This bill would allow those individuals convicted of marijuana possession to seek expungement of their record. Current law prohibits such expungement when the person has been adjudicated guilty.